K-Performance Show 2019
Witness the first-ever K-Performance Show happening on 27-28 July at the KLCC Plenary Hall!
Catch jaw-dropping musical performances from the cast of JUMP, The Painters, and SACHOOM
Complete the experience with energetic K-pop stages performed by VIXX's LEO and rookie boy group, The T-Bird
A total of 10,000 tickets was given away to the public for free!
26th July 2019
Witness an incredible showcase of South Korea's best talents and attractions at the K-Performance Show 2019 this summer! The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Malaysia invites you to the KLCC Plenary Hall on 27-28 July for spectacular productions of traditional music and dance stages, hip-hop and b-boy shows, and martial arts that are suitable for all ages and nationalities.

Catch a variety of exciting performances such as the innovative, non-verbal productions seen on the JUMP, The Painters, and the critically-acclaimed dance musical, SACHOOM x EDM. K-pop is also part of the line-up, so don't miss a chance of seeing VIXX's LEO and rookie boy group, The T-Bird, for a well-rounded cultural experience. Grab your free tickets now when you book through Klook!